Create your own "Mackenzie Tolk Radio" Pandora Station today!

Happy New Year, everyone! 

I have been so excited this past year about the success that my music has enjoyed on Pandora. It has been a great way to share my music with people, and I'm happy that so many have been able to discover it this way! 

I want to extend the invitation to all of you to add a "Mackenzie Tolk Radio" station on Pandora to listen to my peaceful and uplifting instrumental and vocal original compositions and arrangements of Christian hymns.  It's simple: this link will take you to Pandora and will create your very own “Mackenzie Tolk Radio” station -  
Iff the link doesn’t work for you for some reason, all you need to do is search for "Mackenzie Tolk" in Pandora's search box, and when my name comes up, simply click on it to create a station. Just doing this will instantly make my music available on dozens of other Pandora stations and enable you to listen to my music and similar amazing artists via your new station. 

Thank you for all of your support. I'm looking forward to a new year of music! 

Mackenzie Tolk


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