A Weekend of Wonderful Music!

Dearest friends,

It's been a wonderful weekend of music and I'm excited to share my experiences with you. I'm so incredibly thankful for your continual love and support!

Saturday night I sang at The Assembly Hall on Temple Square as part of my dad, David Tolk's concert. What a beautiful building- this was a deeply spiritual experience!

Last night was amazing- I presented a musical fireside to the women of the Draper Stake. I was overwhelmed by their strong spirit and the light in their eyes, and sang a new song that I wrote specifically for them, called "Brighter." I can't wait to share this new song with you soon, but for now I encourage you to read some of the lyrics, found below, and promise me that you will make an effort to shine your light in a dark world.

"Brighter and brighter until the perfect day,

Each day reach higher with every choice you make.

Stand tall, don't be afraid to fall.

You'll rise again and shine brighter."

Please share your light with the world that desperately needs it. :)

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